The Olive Oil Scam that You Need to Know About

Now, it’s very interesting that there’s a lot of corruption in the olive oil business.
It’s been going on for a very, very long time.

So you want to make sure when you buy olive oil, you’re getting the right stuff.
Now, I’ve been consuming probably a counterfeit olive oil for years because it wasn’t until recently that I went to Italy and actually tasted real olive oils.

That I knew the difference between the counterfeit and real olive oil, and when you have authentic real olive oil, it is so delicious it’s a very green bright, peppery, grassy fresh taste.
And all these years I had no idea that olive oil was supposed to taste like this.

I was consuming the flavorless and rancid olive oil, which actually had barely any flavor, and I thought that’s what olive oil should taste like.
That was because many companies were blending the olive oil with cheaper low-quality oil, and only recently is the FDA going after some of these counterfeits.

So here are some general rules I’m going to talk about:

Olive Oil

the first thing is I would not go after the large brands that you would buy in the grocery store only.

Because you don’t really know if it’s legitimate and ideally if you can go to a specialty store that you can sample the olive oil that would be the best now there are a couple of things that you want to look at you would want always to get the extra virgin olive oil.
Break, If you search for some recipes for olive oil, we suggest to make the egg rolls in air fryer. a good recipe with less oil.

Not just the virgin oil um, not the light or the pure, but this doesn’t necessarily always guarantee that it’s the real deal, but it’s going to help you narrow it down.

number two:

it’d be good to find the harvest date not best by this date or bottled on this date because what these companies do is they take olive oil, and they ship it around the world, and they bottle it somewhere else after they combine other oils.

So we’re not interested in this date. We want the harvest date or processed on this specific date.
It would be good to have a third party seal.

Number four like I just talked about buying your olive oil from a specialty store is probably going to be the best thing, or you can actually order it right from Italy, or some other country that would you know has the real deal that’s what we did here’s a brand right here that is seriously fresh, okay I mean the taste is incredible.

Unfortunately, I go through this pretty fast, but you can see that it has pretty much all the things that I talked about right here, and it’s empty. I need to order more.

And ideally, you want the name of the producer or the estate where that olive oil was originated from.
Source information, Dr.erec berg.
I hope we have given you all you need to know about this topic.
Thank you, sir or madam, for your attention!

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