How Can You Maintain Fitness against Hypertension?

Hypertension is insidious. Not only is she rapidly getting younger – hypertensive patients at the age of “a little over twenty” today no longer surprise doctors. But this disease also makes people abandon active – and healthy! – lifestyle. It seems to many that any stress will lead to an increase in pressure and a worsening of the condition. 

But in fact, fitness for hypertension is very useful! The main thing is to practice regularly, according to an individual program, best of all in the morning. Of course, as with any serious illness, you need to take care of yourself with hypertension. But refusal from exercise, in this case, is not a boon. You also need to carry compression wraps for sprained ankles as a must while you perform the workout. Indeed, in this case, you will never be able to get rid of frequent companions of hypertension – excess weight and nervous exhaustion.

For hypertension in the fitness club, walking, cycling, horizontal bicycle, ellipsoid exercises are suitable. These exercises allow you to give an even load on the body and easily maintain the permissible heart rate zone. On average, it should be 60-70% of the maximum, i.e. 100-130 beats/minute. For hypertension, fitness training 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes is recommended.

Running on a treadmill is, in principle, not contraindicated. But when doing this exercise, it is more difficult to monitor your heart rate: remember that it should not exceed 120-130 beats per minute. The desire to “move forward” is best realized in race walking.

But any exercises that involve a high level of resistance on simulators will have to be excluded. Jerks and sudden loads lead to an abrupt increase in pressure, and you can feel bad completely unexpectedly.

With hypertension, exercises on simulators are useful, on which it is possible to dose physical activity. For example, you can do the press sitting on the block, row of the upper and lower block machines, flexion and extension of the legs on the block. The main thing is to remember that the resistance level of the simulator should not be maximum, it is impossible to perform the exercises with difficulty, through force. 

Moderate the load! Watch your breath! Exercise should be done while exhaling. This sets an even rhythm of movement and normalizes the pulse. With care, you need to perform exercises with weights: choose the most modest weight, and watch your heart rate, which should not exceed 140 beats / minute.

“Roman chair”, exercises for the press, all exercises during which the head tilts down is better to exclude, since blood flow to the head during such exercises inevitably leads to an increase in blood pressure. With a high degree of hypertension, exercising on simulators may not be recommended at all. Only your doctor can decide.

Fitness areas such as Pilates, Flex, yoga allow you to avoid direct dynamic stress. The training effect is achieved through a smooth change in body position. These lessons also have relaxing properties – this allows you to relax the nervous system. Such exercises in most cases help to reduce pressure, since hypertension in very many cases is associated with hyperexcitability, unresolved conflicts and stresses.

Water aerobics and swimming are also beneficial, as an exercise in the water reduces the stress on the musculoskeletal system and, as a result, on the cardiovascular system. Do not forget to monitor your pulse: it should not exceed 140 beats/minute.

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