Features of PowerPoint 2010

Features of PowerPoint 2010Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 enables you to quickly create high- impact, dynamic presentations. some of the important features of PowerPoint 2010 are – 

Features of PowerPoint 2010

Intuitive user interface – PowerPoint 2010 has a new intuitive user interface called the Ribbon that helps you create better presentation much more quickly than you could in earlier versions of PowerPoint. 

Create Dynamic presentations – PowerPoint 2010 quickly create dynamic and great-looking presentations using the redesigned user interface and new graphics capability. 

Video Capabilities – One of the attractive futures of Microsoft PowerPoint is that it allows you to use video in your presentation. With this software, you can embed a video clip into one of your slides and use it during the slide show. 

when you embed the video, you can also perform a number of Editing functions which will allow you to alter the video to your need for the presentation. For example, you can trim the videos, bookmark specific scenes, add fades and more. 

Live Preview – PowerPoint 2010 takes advantage of the live preview future to review your formatting choices before you apply them. 

Apply a Consistent look and feel in one click – Powerpoint 2010 themes help you change the look and feel of your entire presentations with just one click. Changing the theme of your presentation not only changes the background color but the color of a diagram, table, chart, or font, and even the style of any bullet point within a presentation. 

Sharing – Another future of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in the ability to share presentations with other individuals in different locations. for example, you can create a video of your slideshow and then send the video to other individuals. 

Special Effects – When creating a presentation, one of your jobs as a presenter is to keep the attention of your audience. if you create a plain presentation without any flair Your subject may not pay attention for long. With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can use a number of special effects to enhance the quality of your presentation. For instance, you can use animation and transition effects when changing slides. 

Help protect the private information in your documents – Detect and remove unwanted comments, hidden text, or personally identifiable information using the documents inspector, preparing your presentation to be shared with others. 

Support Other File formats – PowerPoint 2010 enables support for other file formats, such as pdf (Portable Document Format) and XPS (XML paper specification). 

Themes and Quick Styles – PowerPoint 2010 comes with new themes, layouts, and Quick Styles that offer you a wide range of options when you are formatting your presentations. 

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