Characteristics Of C++ Language

Characteristics Of C++ LanguageC++ is a universal language, it is used to develop large and complex applications due to its following characteristics :-

Characteristics Of C++ Language

1) C++ is a general purpose language that is efficient and portable as C.

2) It supports multiple programming styles (Procedural Programming, Modular programming object oriented programming, Generic programming).

3) It is degined to be as compatible with c as possibl.

4) C++ provides features that are platfrom specific.

5) It allows greater reusability  of code in mode productive and logical way.

6) Function overloading feature of c++ allows us to define a series of functions with same function name and functions having different arguments.

7) C++ provides facility of data abstraction and encapsulation that hides the internal detail of the module from the outsider. interface provides only the communication medium for the outsider the  module.

8) Built-in dynamic memory management in C++, done using new and delete operator.

9) Reusability of the class in C++ is provided by inheritance. inheritance is basically a kind of relationship. For example if class M is derived from class N, them the class M is known as kind of N.

10) The Template feature in c++ allows generic programming. It is one of the important features where the programmer can declare variables without specifying exact data type. Here, Data types is identified by compiler.

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